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Institutional Distintive Area

        The institution has the vision to impart UG education to all the poor, needy, deserving rural male and female students through the self-finance courses ensuring employment The Management is keen to provide all the facilities though it is non-grant institution. The performance of the institution in examination is notable and worth appreciating since its mission is to give priority with honesty of making UG education open to all the students in the catchment area. The dream has been realized. The chairman of the institution Hon. Shashikant Anavkar has brought the University education for the rural through his far-sightedness and efforts inviting the donors to the institution to enable him to make the institution the centre for UG courses ensuring employment. The academic and cultural performance of the institution can be considered as the area distinctive to its vision and priority viz. Result Statements of last five years and performance in cultural and DLLE activities at the Regional and University levels. The institution has its name in the University in cultural activities. It is the matter of credit for the institution to maintain good results with the average students and the non-qualified faculties appointments. Still, the Management has been strictly following the discipline to build the personality of the students from all classes in backward, hilly, rural areas. The faculties are ensured services and provided with all the requirements to educate the students for their holistic development. The students are well guided, well disciplined and made obedient to the call of the teachers. Both the teachers and the taught go hand in hand for making education fruitful and beneficial to them in all respects. The students are given concessions at all levels to encourage the teaching-learning process to maintain quality results.            The institution is mainly preferred by the females for their security priority. Thus, the results performance stands to be the one area distinctive to the priority and thrust of the instituion. The institution has already built its name in the locality viz:  The consolidated result sheet statements.

ICT and physical infrastructural Instrumentation:

        The institution has ICT facilities like computer sets, LCD projectors, Smart-Boards, Internet, Wi-Fi etc. These facilities are largely used by the staff and the students for all purposes. The teachers are authorized to make the use of these facilities as and when needed. The PPTs are presented by the teachers through LCDs to strengthen learning. The office is automated. The Library has software.

The physical infrastructure: 

        The institution has three/four storeyed spacious buildings satisfying the need of classrooms, laboratory, conference Hall, Seminar hall, Boys’ and Girls’ common rooms, Sanitory Blocks, Staff room, Library Hall, Meeting Hall, Office, Principal Cabin , Sanstha  Office, Board Room and a spacious Auditorium for all sorts of functions. The Management is initiative in installing lift for the access to all Storey Buildings. The Water Well is there to supply water. There is spacious ground surrounded by the compounded wall and coconut trees and the garden with a variety of trees. Even the college has a canteen, women hostel, Rest House cum Principal Quarter which ensure the students healthy educational environment.


        The institution has the computer laboratory consisting of 23 PCs, There are LCDs, Smart Boards, Sound system, Bluetooth Set, Cultural instruments i.e. Harmonium, percursion etc. and the normal instruments required are avilable in the institution. The day today repair and maintance of the equipements is done by the institution.

        These initiatives, facilities and implementation of all policies have been proved to be the boon for the 95% + results which has proved to be the unique distinctive area to its priority and thrust. 

         The institution stands to be  a role model to be followed by the other institutions under the University. The captaincy and leadership of Hon. Shashikant Anaokar sir has made the institution an idealone. He tried his level best to collect the funds,the donation from the MPs, MLAs, Philanthrophists donars, land donars, alumni and by publishing the Souvenior he broght out in 2017 which naturally make one  to respect the nobel work he has done to impart UG self finance education ensuring employability to the poor, needy, deserving, intellegent students in the rural, hilly catchment area of the institution.

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