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  From the Principal Desk

            It is my bounden duty to place on record my deep sense of happiness and gratitude to President Hon. Mr. Pushkraj Kole Saheb, the Chairman Hon.  Shri. Shashikant Anaokar  Saheb and the management members of the esteemed institution who have offered me an opportunity to be the Principal of the Padmashri Babasaheb Vengurlekar Mahavidyalaya, Pandurtitha.

Education brings light to ignorance. Teacher is the first light bringer in the lives of the students. Initially, I whole heartedly congratulate the students who have planned and proposed to admit themselves in the skill based degree courses to ease the integration of vocational education in the light of the national education policy (NEP) 2020. First of all, I congratulate the students for the grand success in their HSC Exam. that has enabled them to march on the path of exact career to become knowledgeable and well informed learner to master skills leading to vocational and professional jobs through job oriented education programmes chosen by an individual. The institution has already made such degree courses available in the remote, hilly and rural area to satisfy the need of the poor, deserving, brilliant both male and female students. The college is well-known for its academic performance and quality education to develop the all-round personality of the students through  B.Sc. Information Technology, B.Com Banking and Insurance and B.Com Regular. The college is noted for its glorious march to bag the laurels at the University level through all the events and activities conducted on behalf of the Mumbai University. The college does aim at nourishing and cherishing the dreams of the students by developing their 4 C’s i.e. Capital, Capacity, Circumstances and Character and three H’s i.e. Head, Heart and Hand.

              We are confident to weild and build the student’s career to become the respectable and responsible students of the institution in particular and the nation in general. We want you to achieve academic excellence and integrity in the chosen fields of higher education through the best possible education, discipline, commitment to mould the personality of the individual admitted in our institution.

      The institution has aimed at imparting skill oriented quality education in the fields chosen for degree courses. The institution has the vision and mission to provide the facilities in curricular, co - curricular, extra - curricular, research, and social activities to shape the all-round personality sustaining moral values, sound mind and sound body, sound knowledge to obtain the best academic performance and ensure to achieve employability or self-employability.

                  We want our students not only the degree holders but also an ethical professional mastering command in self-skills and skills to satisfy the need of the courses. The college has qualified faculties, accessible library, worth appreciating infrastructure. hence acknowledged as an esteemed institution in the Mumbai University.  The students have brought laurels at the University level in many events participated eventhough the college is in its teenage. I am quite grateful to the President Hon. Shri. Pushkraj kole Saheb and the Chairman Hon. Shri. Shashikant Anaokar Saheb, Vice-Chairman Hon. Shri. Prakash Jaitapkar, Secretory Hon. Dr. Arun Godkar  and   all the members of the management committee who have jointly been working for the overall development of the students by providing all the required facilities like well-equipped computer laboratory, library, reading room , qualified dedicated staff by introducing  professional degree courses and rendering guidance in competitive exam, field work etc.

                   Hope, you the students being admitted with the college will prove to be the flower ever green to offer fragrance to the society and family through able administration of the principal and proper guidance of the management in all respect.

          We have ICT, a success as it is a global need and banking a foundation in nation building task.

          We, the management members are the family and we warmly welcome you to be a family member and wish you all the best in all walks of life through our best possible services.                                                                 

TO Conclude, I quote Robert Frost:

                        The woods are lovely dark and deep,

                         We have many promises to keep

                         Miles to go before we sleep,

                         Miles to go before we sleep



- Dr. Sambhajirao K. Shinde


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