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Girls Hostel

Hostel for 4 girls, one room for 20 girls to sleep in each room with 4 coats, clock, light fan.

Separate facilities of bathroom and toilet in hostel. Arrangement of water for drinking.Also hot water for bathing.

Mess and dining room for meals.

Refrigerator for cold water

T. V. Convenience for entertainment (at the appointed time)

Meals (twice), morning tea, breakfast, evening tea.

Appointment of female sweeper for cleaning, washing dishes, carpet cleaning, toilet, bathroom cleaning, Compassionate and disciplined management.

Attention to study, extra use at the library computer or extra arrangements at school at other times for practice.

Special facilities for sports like carom, chess, badminton.

 Managing Rector's proper guidance and personal attention of teachers, Principal and committee 

Scholarship facility to SC / ST students for hostel fee and mess fee.

Hostel Subsistence Allowance Scheme for other students.

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