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The college conducts all F.Y. & S.Y. examinations on behalf of the university of Mumbai, while all the T.Y. examinations are conducted by the University.

For FY/SY/T.Y. /B.Com, B & I, I.T. /C.S.(Semester System):-

As per the Credit Based Grading System the evaluation of a student in each course (i.e 'paper' as we used to say) will be according to the following scheme:

Internal Assessment 25%                                                                                                                       25 Marks

One periodic Class Test/Case Studies                                                                                                                       20 Marks

Semester End Assessment 75% (examinations of 2 hour duration.)                                                 75 Marks

For courses (ie. 'papers') with practicals, practical examinations will be out of 50 marks for each course separately.

Additional Examination:-  A supplementary examination will be conducted for all students who fail in the semester/internal examination.

Grading :- The overall marks secured by a student in each course as well as the aggregation of marks of the semester will be represented as grades rather than marks for the respective semester as indicated below:

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