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The Library is part of the college since it inception in 2011.

Library has very rich collections of Books on various Branches of knowledge.

Almost 5000 collection Books are Available in the Library.


•To make student as book friendly 

•To develop good reading habits among the       students and make them as excellent reader

•to develop positive attitudes ,moral and social   values among students.

•To provide latest updates in the various fields through danced techniques of ICT .

•To create the healthy environment for the students to study and increase the number of readers.


•To increase collection of reading material for various courses

•To promote the reading promote the habits.

•To  provide every reader his/her book and information.

•To save the time of the user/reader .

•To computerize the library house kipping activates.

Library Services

Following library services have been providing for the students and teaching community.

  • Circulation services

  • Reference services.

  • Book bank facilities

  • Question bank facilities

  • Library orientation program.

  • Internet facilities


Every student entering the library should have a valid College Identity Card. It should be produced as & when demanded by any of the Library staff.


Identity Card & Reader's Ticket are not transferable.


A complete silence & strict discipline should be maintained in the library.


Students must handle the books, periodicals etc. with a great care. Any attempt to damage the books of periodicals by defacing or tearing the pages will be treated as

misconduct and strictly dealt with.


If the original -Card or Reader's Ticket is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payments

of Rs. 50/-each


If any reference is required, the students should approach the Librarian.

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